February 2021 FFO Gallery

Barely sneaking in at the end of the link up, I have some trimmed up hearts for my FFO’s this month. Thank you Rachel for hosting us!

First is Token of Love from Samplers Not Forgotten:

Instead of ruching the ribbon and then sewing it on, this time I ruched as I went. Boy that was a lot faster and I think it came out just as nice, even the the effect is a bit different! There was barely enough ribbon in the kit though, I trimmed maybe 1/8″-1/4″ off each end of the bow “legs” because they were fraying and then applied some glue to keep them from fraying more. It was a nail-biter!

Then 2 hearts from Atalie: Coeur Bleu and Louise.

My daughter asked for Louise for her birthday next week because she said it is “my favorite heart you have ever made!” And so I guess I will be stitching it again for me because I think it is also MY favorite!

Finally, the 2 Victoria Sampler Hearts from the Beyond Cross Stitch series.

And yes if you were paying attention on the Queen of Hearts post, there is one more heart that needs trim, but I didn’t have quite the right color anything for it and I couldn’t decide on a compromise. Well, I will audition some options and maybe show it to you next month. Which is not so far away!

13 thoughts on “February 2021 FFO Gallery

  1. All the hearts are beautiful!!

    Can you share more about Atalie? I am not familiar with this designer? Where do you find the patterns?

    thanks! Karen

    1. Thank you! Atalie was a French designer, I bought a few charts from The Thread Basket which was an American shop that imported her designs, and then I bought a handful of others from a shop in France, but that was probably 10 years ago! I don’t think she is designing for embroidery any longer. I cannot even find her old website! Or the shop in France I bought from! I know she also dyed threads-the Atalie website now is exclusively threads-which seem to be available at Tom and Lily on Etsy, and I think also from Just Stitching, but neither carry her designs. I found a few charts on eBay and Etsy but no proper retailer carrying even any last charts. It is too bad, she had beautiful designs that mixed counted work with other more free form embroidery. If I find out more I’ll share!

  2. Thank you so I much Mary for your reply and doing some checking on this designer!

    I’ll keep my eye out for her patterns as your work was very inspiring.

    I’ve just found your blog and look forward to reading more! Karen

  3. Your hearts are gorgeous, it’s impossible to pick a favorite, I would love any of them! Your rouching is perfect as are your heart shape finishes…So beautiful!!

  4. Oh my goodness, all of these hearts are so very pretty. So hard to choose a favourite but maybe the two Victoria Sampler ones. Gorgeous stitching on all of them.

  5. Oh, such lovely hearts, Mary! Love the ruched ribbon on that first one–just perfect! And how sweet that your daughter wanted you to make her one of your hearts–I love that and so hope I have a granddaughter some day who requests a special piece 🙂 Enjoy your week ♥

  6. I love all these hearts too, I wouldn’t mind which one you sent me LOL
    I tried a ruched ribbon trim once. Took ages but looked good.

  7. Mary, all your heart finishes are beautiful. I’m glad I don’t have to choose one! It’s ages since I stitched one of Atalie’s heart designs. I think I will have to check them out.

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