Catherine Agnes

I spent some good time with Catherine Agnes last week and have made some excellent progress on her. I hope to finish this one in March.

Last time I was telling you how each of the motifs uses several different stitches. So this one here is detached buttonhole (needle lace) and rhodes stitch and queen stitch and satin stitch. So many steps for one motif! But how pretty!

I thought this would be like the Drawn Thread Toccata I stitched last year and go really fast! But no! With so many steps to each motif, a motif might take a whole stitching session instead of being able to do 3-4 motifs in a session! This one motif took a whole hour.

That is ok. I am loving the colors and the overall effect. And I’m getting to practice stitches which I know I will be using on other projects later this year (especially that detached buttonhole!)

There is still a good amount of double running stitch to embellish the borders of the center motif and the corners. There are still the Hardanger corner squares which I need to audition some thinner threads on. There are still several more motifs and the right border. But it is coming along! It is getting there! And I am motivated to finish so I can start my next bucket list project!

5 thoughts on “Catherine Agnes

  1. This is a beautiful pattern with such detailed stitches, especially the acorn tops. Your stitching is perfection and it must be so rewarding to work on.

    1. Thank you so much! I would say it’s even more rewarding to look at after it’s stitched because sometimes I can hardly believe I could do it!

  2. Oh, isn’t she pretty! The colors and the specialty stitches are so special in this one, Mary! Have a great weekend ahead!

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