Catherine Agnes 2

I’m closing in on Catherine Agnes from Indigo Rose!

Here is what I accomplished since last time: I charted the left alphabet border to put in the year instead of my initials. I stitched the specialty stitch left inner border. I put in 2 more motifs, and almost finished the embellishment of the 2 left corners. I finished the right hand double running stitch border of the center motif. You can see what I’m putting off: the Hardanger squares and that plum motif in the lower right. But being so close I have the motivation to tackle and finish it.

I have discovered a stitch that is truly difficult for me: bullion knots. I will leave you with a picture of the motif that features them, as well as a the other neat motifs on the left.

They are consistently lumpy and ill-formed so at least there’s that! I think I need a lesson…and practice! Fortunately there are many on my First Garden!

6 thoughts on “Catherine Agnes 2

  1. To do bullion stitch, you’ll need a milliners needle, which is the same size from eye to tip. A regular 26 or 28 needle is thicker at the eye than at the tip. Hope this helps! Your work is gorgeous!!

  2. Stunning, stunning, stunning, Mary! I can’t imagine doing all those specialty stitches… I know you’ll get the bullion stitch just perfect after some practice and maybe using a new needle as Terri suggested!

  3. This is coming together beautifully, with so many lovely stitches! I must admit I’ve never attempted any of them, but yours look great.

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