More work on the same things

I’ve spent some time on each of the same 3 projects I showed you last time. Here’s how they are coming:

The Italian Peacocks purse is going along pretty quickly. I’m thinking it should be done in May.

The Bargello Roll is going along pretty slowly. I’m thinking maybe there is a slight possibility I might finish it this year. Ha ha! Or maybe not. But I really like stitching on it and watching it grow!

I got one more butterfly wing stitched. This is the one where I ran out of thread. I think I will only run out of this one color so I’m ordering it next week.

One last wing to go and it’s already started! Then I can start the metal threads and embellishments! I bet I can finish this project this summer.

It’s so exciting to see these Bucket List Projects happening!

One thought on “More work on the same things

  1. I agree, it’s very exciting to see these growing.
    I love the colours in the Bargello and the so realistic butterfly wing too.

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