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Traditional Samplers!

I didn’t always but I have really come to LOVE traditional samplers, both reproductions and adaptations/”in the style of.” I have finished a quite a few in the past couple years. You’ve seen them all already but it’s fun to gather them here for a group post.

First is my favorite, the one that started my appreciation for samplers: The Pink Sparrow, a reproduction by Brenda Gervais. I had not seen any sampler that made me stop and say, “I would love to stitch THAT” until I saw this one on display at The Attic. It was love at first sight. And stitching it helped me understand why so many people love samplers. It is so relaxing to stitch borders and alphabets. It is fun to stitch small elements like birds and flowers. Borders are a little nerve wracking but when they come out are very satisfying. The colors are so pretty, and you think of the person who stitched (and probably designed it) long ago, your connection to that person, and to all the stitchers who have shared in stitching it since then. This is not the same feeling I get when stitching a Just Nan or something like that.

Next up is dear Jane Marshall, a reproduction by Hands Across the Sea. Actually it is my adaptation because I “fixed” some irregularities in the original which I didn’t like. I’m quite happy with it. I found a frame I like for this but it is out of stock. Boo!

Next up is Autumn Quakers a modern quaker by Rosewood Manor. I LOVED working on this one. I found a frame I like for this one too but it is super duper expensive!

Catherine Agnes is a modern spot sampler by Indigo Rose. It is a true sampler with many stitches sampled! And an alphabet! And lots of borders!

I am working on a very old sampler reproduction, I Bathya with is a reproduction from Hands Across the Sea.

I took a class on this one to learn techniques for the various stitches. I will got back and spend the month of September working on it. This is where I ended after last September. You can see I have a LONG way to go!

I have a little start on by own adaptation of Janet Reid 1835 by Chessie and Me. I have centered the pictorial portion of the design and used the large alphabets to write “Garden of Delight” for a top and bottom border. I will eliminate the other alphabets. I am trying out wool for this one. I have a small collection of wool thread. However, even though they all seem similar I’ve discovered they are different weights and even with the small start I’ve made, I see that not all are well suited to stitching on the fabric I’ve chosen. So I think I might have to replace some of my choices. This pink for example is too fat and is hard to stitch with. I’m not willing to go bigger than the 28 ct I’m working on. So we’ll see. I love the peacocks and other motifs so stitching this will be really enjoyable once I figure out my threads!

I have a plan to start one more traditional sampler this year, Dorcas Haynes from The Scarlet Letter. I love how perfect this one is. And the COLORS! My my.

I will be stitching this with a batch of inherited old Au Ver a Soie silks! Excited to use them!

I have many many more traditional samplers in my future. Like all of us, I just need the time to do them!

Now to see more, please head back to our dear hostess Jo’s blog, Serendipitous Stitching where everyone will be linking up with their traditional samplers through the month of May. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thanks for taking part in The People’s Choice this month. You have some gorgeous samplers. Dorcas is quite similar to the English Transitional sampler too.

  2. Amazing designs and stitching Mary. My favourite is the Indigo Rose piece, full of interesting speciality stitches and gorgeous colours. Wonderful work.

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