May 2021 Smalls Blog Hop

I have the teeniest, tiniest smallest small to show you. I stitched my initials for the back side of the peacock purse. It had to be done, so I made it my small.

And I’m not sure this counts because it is not actually a finished project, but I did finish the satin stitching on the last wing of the Amy Mitten butterfly. This finishes the first big part of this project.

Here are all the outer wings (The first one is the one for which I am waiting for the thread I ran out of to complete)

The next step is the metal threads and embellishments added to each wing. I wonder how long it will take to do that part. I supposed the satin stitch would be the most time consuming, but I am not sure.

What have you been working on this month? Did you do a Maynia, starting many projects? Did you aim for finishes and meet your goal? I can’t wait to see what you share below!

4 thoughts on “May 2021 Smalls Blog Hop

  1. Such beautiful stitching on your butterfly wings, Mary! Can’t wait to see the project come together! I’ve hardly stitched at all in May as my grandson was visiting. Hope I get more time in June 🙂 Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!

  2. Beautiful work on the butterfly wings. I do like the font you used for your initials too.

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