Oh happy day! Strawberry Garden is finished!

Yay yay yay! Strawberry garden took only 3 more stitching sessions to finish up! I just love it!

Goodness it was a lot of lazy daisies. But towards the end I was a lot less particular about perfect placement. They may be off by a thread here and there but I think for this design it doesn’t matter a bit. I didn’t move the bird or shorten his legs, I made a couple other counting errors but worked around them too, and Jo is correct. This design is so quirky you can’t tell at all.

The buttonhole wheels were new to me. I wasn’t sure how to make them but they came out fine.

I wish I could frame this right away but between the cost of frames and good frames I like being out of stock everywhere I will probably have to wait. I heard of people making their own frames from thrift store finds. I’d love to do that but I hate shopping thrift stores. Maybe I will take a peek next time I’m at a shopping center with a thrift store and see if I get lucky.

3 thoughts on “Oh happy day! Strawberry Garden is finished!

  1. Oh, I absolutely love this one, Mary! The colors are so happy and the lazy daisy leaves really do add a lot to the design. I use a lot of thrift store frames as I LOVE shopping for a bargain at Goodwill. Now that I have my grandson, it is even more fun to get a bargain 🙂 Hope you can find a suitable frame without too much hassle. Happy June to you ♥

  2. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for this one. The lazy daisies look great, worth all the time spent. As leaves they are supposed to be uneven and freestyle too,
    I enjoy looking for frames in charity shops now they have reopened again.

  3. That looks amazing! The reds really come out nice and bold, I love it! I hope you’re able to frame it soon and that you were able to take a peek in a thrift shop. You just never know what you’ll find!

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