June 2021 Fully Finished Gallery

I know you all are eager to see that Peacocks Purse, but my folks were visiting last week and there was no way I could spend the time needed on such an intimidating project! And this week is busy too. I will work on it for next month, ok? But I did fully finish my Drawn Thread Treasure Box for this month’s Fully Finished Gallery (hosted by Rachel over at Ten Hour Stitcher)!

The box is stunning. And it sets off the sampler so well, I have to say I love the finish more than the…unfinished I guess. I mean the sampler was ok while I was working on it. It seemed to have an ugly duckling stage you know, when I was a little whiny about it. But now that it’s done, wow. I’m really pleased with it. Thanks for hosting, Rachel!

(sorry I can’t seem to align my pictures straight! don’t get dizzy looking at this!)

10 thoughts on “June 2021 Fully Finished Gallery

    1. Thank you! I bought my box from a stitcher who was selling it on Facebook. I noticed it matched the model on my chart and snapped it right up. I’ve never seen it anywhere else so I was very lucky I think!

  1. Your finish is perfect and the box is lovely too, I bet it is only available in the US, what a shame.

    1. Thanks so much! This pattern was already quite old when I bought it. Later (last year ) I was very lucky to find a stitcher selling her box. I think the box was made by a framer who sells to cross stitch shops but it isn’t labeled. I would have no idea where to look for one!

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