May progress

Today I finished up the Just Nan grow! pin cushion for the facebook smalls spring challenge. Here it is! 

The finishing was harder than the tin actually! I was concerned about being able to sew it in a circle without it being lumpy. That part actually went fine. But when I turned it, I didn’t leave a big enough opening and the linen tore into the the border area around the stitching. Yikes! There was no fixing it. But I was lucky I decided to put the opening at one of the places where I knew one of the criss cross  threads would go over. So I think I was able to fudge it ok. It is not as perfect as I would like but now that it is done it looks fine. Moreover, I am really glad I could make this shape come out this well on my first try, because I will have the chance to make the same style pin cushion again soon-stay tuned!

I have also been working on Joyful World.

I am totally backlogged, and my hope is to get March and maybe part of April done this month. 

I am ok with this taking longer than one done a month at this point because I have been getting quite a bit done on so many other projects. However, I am going to take a break from the Christmas ornies SAL this month, and only do the Smalls one if I get to it. I have my project kitted up, and it is super tiny, so hopefully it will work out!

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