My Butterfly

I have been able to finish finish one wing each night the past 2 nights-putting the 2 sides together, then adding the silver purl trim. Hopefully that means 2 more nights this week and the wings will be done!

The extra thread is attached because I will use it to sew the wings onto the body soon.

But then my butterfly needs legs! Now I love this project. And I enjoy working on this project! But I want this project to be done! I sincerely wish I could just buy legs somewhere and not make them! They are made by wrapping thread around wires that are bent over a design to shape them correctly. Oh my. This is not something I should try late at night without good bright light. I will have to do it on the weekend during family movie time. I will aim to have this project done then on Sunday or Monday next week. It’s been an amazing journey!

7 thoughts on “My Butterfly

  1. I never saw anything like this before, absolutely beautiful!! Your projects always have wonderful detail!

  2. stunning work! can i ask where did you buy the kit? was it directly from Amy Mitten? i see on her website this butterfly is not even on there anymore 🙁

    1. Thank you! You could only buy this kit from Amy Mitten but it was offered probably 10 years ago and many of the specialty fibers used are no longer available she said so she was not able to make more kits. I wish she could too because there’s nothing really it there anything like this and there with several other kits in this series, one for each season!

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