July 2021 Fully Finished Gallery: Things with Wings

I can’t believe it’s time for another FFO Gallery link up! Thank you, Rachel for continuing to host this!

This month evidently my personal theme is “Things with Wings.” I am proud to share my Amy Mitten Summer Casket Keepsake Butterfly for those who didn’t see it last week:

And I have another butterfly to share, the Mill Hill Blue Pansy Butterfly.

I just couldn’t resist just getting it done so I hustled and did it. Mill Hill kits are truly addictive! I’ll have to pick a different small for the Smalls link up this month and I finally found the Mill Hill king so probably that will be the one. But is this one fully finished? For now, yes even though it has no backing or hanger. I have perched it on a pin cushion. But for the long run, when I have all the butterflies stitched, I think I will mount them in a shadow box like a butterfly collection. I will get hopping on the others as this idea is quite inspiring to me!

Then I finished up my small from last month, the Fern Ridge Collection Bee Fob. Isn’t it cute? I stitched a little flower for the reverse.

The piece de resistance was supposed to be the Italian Peacocks Purse. In fact I was all set to do that today, but I have changed courses on the purse hardware. I do have the mother of pearl handles shown in the model, but I saw another finish with, get this, antique gold PEACOCK clasps! They were easy to hunt down so I HAD to order them. The will solve the problem of needing tassels too. Barring a disaster, I will definitely finish this project in August!

Still I feel like it was a productive month! Thanks for visiting, and be sure to head back over to Rachel’s to see the others!

4 thoughts on “July 2021 Fully Finished Gallery: Things with Wings

  1. Your butterflies are gorgeous! I love the idea of a shadow box for the Mill Hill collection.
    I also love the idea of the peacock clasps for the little bag, looking forward to seeing that. I need a peacock charm for my latest JN almost finish.

    1. You inspired me for the shadow box! I always think about your scrapbook style of finishing and felt like a shadow box with maybe a floral paper pasted on the back would be a good way to display this! Then I thought having them all there would be really fun. Which peacock charm do you need? I might have an extra.

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