Little houses, little houses

I am working on the Sampler Roll this week. In fact I am hoping it will be finished in about a week. It is easy stitching now…the rest of the bottom alphabet, and easy little bottom border…

And filling in the shadow sides of all the little houses! After 4 tries I think I finally have a thread that works! And it turns out to be the original thread, London Fog by Weeks, but the 3rd dye lot I found. The one that came with the kit had way too much of that cedar-y green, the old one I found in my stash was too light, most of it being the same color as the linen, and the 3rd choice, from Stoney Creek, was JUST RIGHT. I also had tried a skein of Joshua Tree from Classic Colorworks but it was too olive. At last! I felt a little like Goldilocks picking floss!

I am hoping there is enough fabric on the sides to hem stitch them for the ends of the rolls. I think that will be nicer than just machine sewing. We’ll see soon enough!

3 thoughts on “Little houses, little houses

  1. So glad the 3rd time was the charm in picking floss. This is gorgeous and I hop you have enough at the ends to hem stitch. Either way it will be stunning!

  2. This will be lovely when finished. Are you still toying with the idea of stitching it twice?
    I immediately thought of Goldilocks when I read of your experience of finding the best dye lot for WDW’s London Fog.

  3. I love those little houses. I am so glad that you found the right skein of thread. That kind of thing does put me off hand-dyed threads. It seems to happen a lot.

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