Sampler Roll Finished!

Last night I managed to finish the Sampler Roll!

It is super cute. I love the houses. Stitching the alphabets was fun, especially the pink one. The borders were easy. I added the little hearts next to the birds and think that looks good as my own touch. This was a nice stitch.

I discovered my fabric was 36ct and not 40 as I thought. I tested out forming it into a roll. Unfortunately there is not enough fabric for hem stitching or even to make the roll ends long enough to add the date and initials as shown in the model without having really short ends. This is annoying as the linen came with the kit and should definitely have been adequate. I bet they cut the 36ct linen to the same size as the 40 and thus it ended up short. I will therefore frame this and then plan to restitch the pattern after a while to make the roll. I’m a little disappointed but it’s ok. I did enjoy stitching it so it won’t be a slog. And as a framed piece this will be really nice. I already have a plan where to hang it!

3 thoughts on “Sampler Roll Finished!

  1. This is so pretty, Mary! I’m sorry your original finishing plan won’t work out due to the ct. difference, but it will still be lovely 🙂 Enjoy your day!

  2. This is a lovely design, those houses are so sweet. Annoying about the size of the fabric though.

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