August 2021 Smalls Check In

I was inspired this month to stitch up some very small smalls for the August SAL. They stitched up so quickly I didn’t have time for a progress picture so I saved them for you. First I did a little Shepherd’s Bush fob, I think it is called “Blooms.” It is very bright and cheery!

It is a little big for a fob I think so I will make it into a little pillow with the included ribbon trim, which I love. I do not plan to stitch the backside but I have some nice bright fabric I’ll use instead.

It was so quick I decided to go ahead and stitch a second small that also promised to be a 2 session project. This one is called Red Bird and Basket from JBW Designs. I bought the little kit from another stitcher awhile ago and it came with the little needlebook to stitch and the floss. How cute is this?

It was a little tricky to stitch the tiny little sewn-in patch of linen. I think I’ll poke in a little interfacing to catch any ends that didn’t get tacked down well.

These were so rewarding that I thought about doing even one more small but didn’t quite get it done. I’ll save it for next month.

What have you been stitching these days?

8 thoughts on “August 2021 Smalls Check In

  1. That is an adorable little fob design. Lovely work on both pieces. My post is more of the same, my Smalls are the same three series I have shown almost every month!

    1. Thank you! I enjoy seeing the progress on your series. And at the end of the year, you have complete or almost complete sets of things! That is great and very satisfying!

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