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I’ve got so much going on, and I’m taking a break from a lot of current projects for Sampler September, so I just need to make a quick WIP post! Do you want to see all the projects I’ve been working on?

So… after I finished that Brenda Gervais birdy, I couldn’t resist even one more small in the last few days of August. I started Vintage Blooms from Blackbird Designs. THIS will be my September small.

I found this design so appealing. It is so vintage-y and nostalgic feeling, almost like those stamped cross stitch pieces. On this one I picked my own silk and linens to match the colors of the cover photo. You all know how I love my silks! And I’m stitching on 40 count. Oooh, tiny! Hey, for those of you who stitch on 40, what is your favorite needle brand and size? My linen on this project is really tight. I think it is Lakeside. I started with a Pat Carson 28, but it was slightly too drag-y if you know what I mean. I tried a Piecemaker 28 and a Bohin 28 and decided the Bohin was better. But I am open to other suggestions if you have one that works great. Anyway, the 40 count will make this piece about 2″ by 3 1/2″, a super sweet little size.

Next I want to share another Blackbird Design: Quaker Garden! I am so thankful to my friend for sharing this with me, I am loving every stitch!

On this project, I am changing everything-all the colors and fabric. I’m using silks on 36ct flax linen. I’m using the silks collection from Thread Gatherer released in memory of her son, as well as a few extra colors. I thought this set looked so well together and I really wanted to use them on a Quaker. This makes a perfect fit.

I have been torn about what colors to put where in some instances to keep the design balanced. The original design has a lot of green in it. I actually am subbing in 3 different colors in place of the called for green: a leaf green, a blue-green variegated, and a red-blue variegated. I am using 2 colors for the called for gold: a pastel rainbow (isn’t it pretty in the alphabet and butterfly?) and the red-blue variegated. So far I’m pleased with this.

I am not sure about the white. The original design has a lot of white, but on the flax, the white I’ve tried doesn’t have the same “pop.” I don’t actually think a popping white will be possible on the flax and that’s ok, but do I go with the subdued white? Do I go with a gray blue or pale pink? It’s a puzzle.

This is the original. See how the white pops? See how much green there is?

Next up is H. Faulkner from Priscilla’s Pocket. I got a good start on her this week! I love the cheerful colors! The quirky border corners bug me a bit but I decided not to try to change them. I am not sure about putting the name on it. I think I might put the year and some other words. “Simple Gifts” maybe. Any other 2 word phrases I should consider?

I haven’t made as much progress on the Bargello Roll because I’ve been doing these other things, but here’s what it looks like today. I don’t plan to stitch on it again until October. I will get enough satin stitching on Bathya.

Speaking of which, here she is, the queen of my projects:

I’ve done a bit more of the reversible alphabet (5 letters). I finished the dark blue band. And then I discovered it was supposed to be stitched over 3, not over 2. So I took it out. I will redo it today. Nonetheless, this truly is a magnificent project.

2 thoughts on “Where things stand

  1. All your WIP’s are so beautiful but I especially love the BD design and your color conversion. You are brave than I am to make changes like that. Just lovely!!

    1. Thank you so much! It took a bit of courage to change colors but it’s fun! Except more time consuming because they don’t always come out how you expect! And I’ve had to redo sections on almost everything I changed colors for!

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