Fully Finished September 2021

I’m linking up with Rachel over at Ten Hour Stitcher for the monthly gallery of full-finishes!

This month I went ahead and finished up my August Smalls.

Here is the Bloom fob from Shepherd’s Bush made into a tiny pillow:

Isn’t that fun ribbon? To finish as the model showed, the ribbon on the fob gets tacked down with pearl beads so I tried that on my pillow and it is a nice way to embellish the ruffly ribbon trim I think. I may do that again. Over all I think it came out really cute!

Now here is the Brenda Gervais Love Bird Pincushion (If you are curious, it is from a booklet called Be My Valentine-the booklet gives instructions for papering over a little heart shaped candy box, placing the pin cushion inside, and then making an envelope-shaped needle book. I am stopping right here at the pin cushion though the box looks cute if I can find one!):

In person the bird and linen color have more contrast. This photo really washes it out!

I learned something new every time I finish something. On the heart pillow, I drew a sewing line and that helped give a good shape. However, there was some lumpiness at the top. Well, trim covers a world of problems so you can’t see it, but I think for my next heart pillow I will think about how to avoid that to make the heart lobes smoother. I should probably practice sewing round shapes on my machine so I can find out what works. But I’d rather stitch than work out these kinds of problems, wouldn’t you?

Head back to Rachel’s to see every one else’s finishes from this month! Thanks for hosting us, Rachel!

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