Sampler September Check In!

If you’ve been looking at my Instagram, there is nothing new to see here, but I wanted to share my progress on Sampler September stitching for those who haven’t. Bathya and H Faulkner are coming along nicely. I haven’t started the Chessie and Me project yet.

Here is H (Harriet? Helene? Hannah?) Faulkner:

I just love the little butterflies. And I’m quite fond the the berry basket. I guess I’ve been putting off the border because the motifs are so fun, but soon I won’t have a choice! They are almost done!

And here is Bathya, Front:

And Back:

Oh, Bathya was a real pill for me this past week. Or rather I had many lapses in reading the chart! I had to redo the navy line after realizing it was over 3, not 2. I pulled out my green and pink leaf bit that I had spent 2 nights stitching because I had a counting error and also had allowed my floss to get really fuzzy. But I buckled down and fixed my mistakes and I’m very pleased with how it looks and have a bit more confidence now. I feel like I am back on track with her and am really looking forward to moving on. The trick to this stitching is to actually stitch from the back side most of the time, so you can see your horizontal and vertical lines. Then just check the front from time to time to make sure you’re crossing all your Xs. The good news is that there is no wrong way or prescribed stitch path so the Xs may go every which way and some are layered 2 or 3 times in order to work around the motif. It really is quite amazing and very different from any other stitching I’ve done. With one strand of silk this works very well because it plumps up the stitches just enough so they look nice but not bulky. And this is actually how Bathya stitched it in the first place so there’s no problem in doing this with a reproduction even though for our modern technique it would be quite incorrect. This weekend I will be putting in the pink leaves between the green leaves, and then figuring out the next large band which is all the same stitch, X’s on front and what I call “rail roads” on the back-two parallel lines.

See how wide it is compared to the other bands? I do not expect to finish it this month. I will be over the moon if I get one flower done. And I may cheat and do the pink and green leaves and navy band below it if I feel like I need an “easy” night!

Thanks for all your support ant encouragement with this project! And if by chance you find my blog looking for information about Bathya, do reach out to me. I would love to share stitching her with someone else who is doing it too. There is no Facebook group for this sampler so I feel like I’m kind of on my own!

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  1. Really amazed as I follow along on your Bathya piece, Mary, and am so glad you are back on track after a few hiccups! Really, it is so special! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead ♥

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