Sampler September: Pinks and Greens

Well, there’s about a week left for Sampler September. This week I did take a little break to sort some things out, namely the correct color white for my Quaker Garden:

The top of the left wing is the first white over dyed silk I thought might work but was not perfect-it still blended too much. The right top wing is White Optique. The photo is not convincing but in real life the White Optique is a better choice.

Jean at The Attic recommended a super bright white silk for me, White Optique from AVAS. I like it. I’m going with it. After trying out the white, I stitched more of the alphabet and garland since I already had the project out. I am so enjoying this stitch.

I also had to spend a little time to finish up my Smalls for the check in on Friday. They are cute. You will see them soon!

Despite the break I have made progress on my September Samplers, mostly on these pink and green borders. I think it is funny how similar my colors palettes are these days. This clip of my Instagram pictures just proves it with the pink and green, orange and blue, with a peek of white here and there! (If you would like to follow me on IG, please just send a request! I do have a private account to try to avoid all the weirdos!)

The color palette of choice of the last month of so is very obvious!

Anyway, here is H Faulkner. It’s so close! I will focus on a finish of it this month. How satisfying even though originally this was not part of my plan for this year!

Here is Bathya. Front…

And back…(which is a triumph as it looks the way it should!)

So. I was sick with a cold the past few days and just could not stitch on her. But when I did pick it up, I was about to get good progress on the big pink flower on the vine there. The diagonal double back stitch is going better with more practice. I struggle with rounding the corners correctly. Oh well. I do not intend to ever inspect this with a magnifying glass or have it displayed next to another Bathya stitched by someone more perfectionist or competent than me for comparison so it won’t matter a lot as long as I get it pretty close. The other flower will probably be better. This is a record of my journey as a stitcher! Even though I’ve been stitching for 30 years, I still feel like a little baby stitcher when it comes to these big complicated projects!

One thought on “Sampler September: Pinks and Greens

  1. Lovely work on your Samplers this month. You have chosen some beautiful pieces. It’s funny how we are drawn to the same colours. The last two JN samplers I stitched used almost all the same colours! I used the same thread card for them both. Just changed the symbols.

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