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I don’t usually do a Gifted Gorgeousness post, but it’s that time of year to start thinking about Christmas gifts and I have a few I want to stitch up for some special people in my family. I don’t think they read my blog (if you are a family member reading my blog stop now so you don’t spoil your surprise!) so it is safe to share!

First I have this little cupcake by Mill Hill.

I will make it up for my sister-in-law. Baking is her hobby and side job. She makes the most wonderful celebration cakes and cupcakes. She is coming to visit before Christmas this year and will make my #1 son’s birthday cake as well as help me get our Christmas cookies going. Our family LOVES spritz cookies and we make a lot every year. It will be fun to do that with her like we did when we used to live in the same state. I just love Mill Hill ornaments you know, and I love the variety of themes. Though I WISH they would go ahead and make a 12 Days of Christmas series. I’m sure they would be adorable.

Next I bought this little Sajou tin.

I used a stock photo because the tin isn’t much to look at by itself and this shows the pretty paper in the sides. The model shows an embroidered monogram on it. I think I have something suitable in one of my books of cross stitched monograms. I will have to think of something special to put in it. It will be for my dear cousin who is also a great appreciator of handwork and exquisite little things. We get that love from my our shared grandmother, Mary (not Ruth)! (I had two really lovely grandmas!)

I will aim to get these started and finished for my smalls this month! Head back to our hostess Jo’s for more Gifted Gorgeousness!

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  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The cupcake is so sweet, it will make a lovely gift for a baker! I would love a Mill Hill 12 Days of Christmas.

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