October Project Plans

After having spent an entire month on the same couple of projects I am very ready for some new things! And to get back to some old things!

I couldn’t wait until October 1st. September 30 saw me start Fall Posey from Jeanette Douglas. Now this is not a “bucket list” stitch but it HAS been ready to go in my stitching basket from the moment I bought it a couple years ago! And I need something fall-ish to stitch so it fits the bill! This piece uses 40 count linen with the provided 100.3 Au Ver A Soie. Boy, is it fine. It’s like stitching with a hair. I was a little concerned about coverage but in the picture is looks really good. It’s SO pretty. I love this design.

I also picked up Yellow Bird (more like Brown Bird!) from La D Da. I need some La D Da in my year! I saw another stitcher use the Boleyn linen from Primitive Hare on this project and just loved how it looked. I bought a piece of it a while ago, to use on this and another project. Once divided, it is just the right size to stitch half and use the other half to back the finish as a little pillow. There is only one color silk floss used, Birch Brown from Gloriana which I also had in my stash. I was all ready to go. Here’s my start:

Both of these seem like they will be pretty quick stitches. The border on Yellow Bird will be a bit tedious but it will look nice with the variegated silk and it shouldn’t give me any trouble.

I will take Just Nan’s Star of Light and Threadwork Primitives’ Christmas Fruit Basket with my on vacation this month and get those started. But I can’t wait to get back to the Bargello Roll! First I’m going to finish Quaker Garden though! Here are a few more stitching sessions’ progress on it!

3 thoughts on “October Project Plans

  1. Two lovely starts, great colour on Fall Posey and Yellow Bird looks very effective in its single colour.

  2. Beautiful designs for this month. I’ve not used the AVAS 100.3 although I’ve heard good things about it from sampler stitchers.

    1. Thanks! I found the 100.3 to be very fine, almost too fine for my preference. I think it is better suited to even a higher count than 40. I have some 56 ct which maybe I will try a little something on…someday…and see what I think. But for 40 ct I think I’ll stick with one strand of regular silk.

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