Plans for 2022

I loved having a Bucket List of projects for 2021.

Now of course I didn’t get to everything but I also found I didn’t want to! Sometimes stitching something not on my list was more appealing at the moment! And I did want to keep up with my smalls and a few other “on a whim” stitches to mix it up a little. That said I got several special projects made up, and several started which I will aim to finish early in the new year, and of course some I didn’t get to at all on my list that will carry over to a new list of “must stitch (or at least start) in 2022.”

So what’s on the list?

Samplers. I have 7-8 that I LOVE, and I want to make a start on all of them so eventually they will be finishes. I hope to start one sampler every month or so, work on it as much as I’m inspired to, and plan to finish one or 2. They are:

Luz Gonzalez. I fell in love with this sampler the moment I first saw her and then every time I saw her after that I felt I must stitch this one.

Jane Plenderleath. One of the few “house” samplers that has made be catch my breath and say ” I must stitch that house.”

Sarah Spencer and/or ME Metcalfe. Sarah is lovely and I think it is prettier. But Metcalf (no E) is my maiden name and I have never seen a Metcalf sampler before. They are small. I’d like to do both.

Eliza Mitchell from La D Da. Both the verse and the little deer are charming. Plus I love La D Da!

Dorcas Haynes I will try her again this year! I will dedicate some good time to choosing my colors to make a bright version.

And something modern: Jeannette Douglas’ Alphabet Sampler in my own color way. I had so much fun pulling the silks for this!

Here are most of the threads, I’m going darker with more jewel tones, I guess a bigger rainbow of colors. The inspiration thread is Thread Gatherer’s Egyptian Nights which is the plummy blue one near the middle. It also has gold in it. It will be the band in the middle separating the alphabet form the little samplers, and also probably the letter J.

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Tudor Flowers Purse from The Nostalgic Needle

Colonial Williamsburg Etui from GPA

Rosehips and Ivy from Blackbird Designs

And more TBD! I need a Just Nan small on this list I’m sure!

Special non-cross stitch Projects:

Leafy Tree from Mary Corbet

Home Sweet Home house. My kids gave this to me for Mother’s Day a few years ago. I started one of the smalls and was unhappy with the stitching so I put it away. They keep asking when am I going to make “That House We Gave You.” I’ve seen a few stitchers on Instagram working on it, and one was absolutely gorgeous. I am inspired! I better do it!

Jewel of the Sea Turtle: My most special project of the year! 2022’s “Butterfly!”

And maybe I’ll get something irresistible for Christmas that will get added to the list! And if I don’t, that’s ok because I have PLENTY!

And here are the starts that I aim to finish:

Spanish Sampler Etui which I shared recently-one side done! 5 to go! And the inside! And the assembly! And the smalls!

Victoria Sampler’s Anniversary Celebration Square, which I am doing for my parents’ 50th…I made a tiny start on it earlier this year and got frustrated. The time has come for me to just accept that I must figure out how to stitch with that Trebizond which is so difficult to use! After that, this will be a piece of (wedding anniversary) cake!

11 thoughts on “Plans for 2022

  1. Rosehips & Ivy is on my to do list too and I also have the Home Sweet Home book, but I can’t see me getting round to that. I just love Nostalgic Needle designs though and the purse is stunning, I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on that. I have some of her Sweet Bag patterns that I’d like to have a go at one day. Whatever happened to Sharon Cohen by the way?

    1. Yes I saw that! I just LOVE Rosehips. It is a pretty pretty design. I may go ahead and give that an early start this year. I have a nice collection of the Nostalgic Needle projects to do. I have done the Grapes pin cushion which was lovely. This design for the purse is quite different from most of my stitching-you outline the whole thing with back stitch and then use detached buttonhole for the flowers. I am not sure how to accomplish color changes with detached buttonhole so that will be something to learn. I don’t know what happened to Sharon Cohen but I’ve also been curious so I will ask if Jean knows when I go next to the Attic. Have a nice weekend!

  2. So many beautiful samplers!! I think you need to stitch the house, could a house be any more charming? Love the 50th heart for the anniversary, what a special gift that will be.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the house is a dream stitch. But I’ve seen several people complete it now so I think I just need to stop being so afraid of how “big” it is! And how I don’t know any of the stitches! Also it is a project that will delight my whole family I think so I will have a lot of support to make it!

  3. I love all of these, your blog is going to be such a treat this coming year!
    I think the Jeanette Douglas is probably my top favourite but I also love the 3D house and the etui you have started.

    1. Oh, thank you Jo! I am so looking forward to my stitching projects! The anticipation is as much fun as the actual thing sometimes! I really can’t wait to see how my colors work out with the ABC sampler. I hope I didn’t pick too many dissimilar ones but I think the original has 27 colors in it!!!

  4. So many big and beautiful projects you have planned for 2022, Mary! I do love that little house and I hope you stitch it and enjoy it. Two of my sons gave me cross stitch charts years ago for a castle in Europe and the Jefferson Memorial. I know they are both disappointed that I haven’t done them, but… just not my thing 🙂 I probably should force myself to stitch them and gift them to each of my sons for Christmas some year! Enjoy your week ♥

    1. That’s a tough one. One year I worked at Michaels. I asked for some kits I kept enjoying in the store for Christmas from my family. My husband, so generous, bought me many many kits! (He used my employee discount!) including a large full coverage coral reef scene. Now you see my work. You know a coral reef scene would not really go with my style. I kept the kit about ten years and recently sold it, I’m sure for more than he paid. When I sell something I always get something I really love so he didn’t mind or maybe even know! But I do think that’s a very nice idea to make the charts from your sons as gifts for them! Or what about just stitching a section of the chart and make it into one of your beautiful ornaments?

  5. Well, you’ve definitely set the bar high but, like you said, it’s not a set-in-stone list so open to flexibility. I think my favourite has to be the house, especially the leaded windows and cute fluffy bunny tale. Looking forward to seeing how many of these are successfully started and perhaps even finished in 2022. 🙂

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