Full Finishes Part One: A Framing Extravaganza

Oh boy, I have a lot of FFOs to share this month so I’m making 2 posts!

First up are the framed pieces. I like to get frames from Hobby Lobby and frame things myself. They have been out of “good” frames for a long time due to supply issues but when I was in last month they were finally well stocked so I splurged and got 3! Here are my lovelies:

Toccata One from The Drawn Thread. This frame complements the one I got for Random Thoughts so they will display nicely together.

Next is the beautiful Catherine Agnes from Indigo Rose. I love how the lines in the frame complement the bullion knots and the scrolling edge complements the floral aspects of the design. For me a frame that echoes the work it’s framing is very important.

And finally here is Strawberry Garden from Blackbird Designs. I’ve used this frame before and really love it for a prim design.

In a day or 2, I will post the Smalls I FFO’d this month! They are just awaiting their trims.

7 thoughts on “Full Finishes Part One: A Framing Extravaganza

  1. Gorgeous frames for gorgeous stitching. It looks like you don’t use glass, or maybe you do the same as me and take your photos without the glass and then add it later. I particularly like the frame for Strawberry Garden.

    1. Thanks! I rarely use glass. I only use it if the piece will be used n the kitchen or a child’s room. I guess time will tell if that’s a good choice or not! I

  2. Those frames are great, worth waiting for. I always use glass here but our house is very dusty due to the wood burner!

  3. Three very lovely frames there. You must be very lucky to find frames which just happen to come in the sizes you need! Thanks for your first link-up this month… looking forward to seeing part 2! 🙂

    1. Thanks Rachel! I actually have the frames custom sized. It’s only rarely there’s a design that fits in a standard frame!

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