Small Triumphs in Blue

I’m winning against the pile of projects! I got those bands completed on Heirloom Christmas before July like I hoped. Yay! I even started the next band which is the 3 Wise Men:

I love this project. It is so beautiful. Here’s a close up of the bands section I completed:

The last stitch I learned, the green interwoven stitch with the gold beads, is stunning.  It was not hard at all (but I did need to be awake to do it!). I’ll put this aside now and take Joyful World on vacation. But I can’t wait to get back to it!

The floss stitching is done on Petit Coeur Bleu. Now I have to learn the ribbon stitches. I’m nervous about it for no reason.

The Atalie silk floss is so pretty. I think if I do this again I might pick something richer. But the great thing about this design is how it lends itself to so many colors. I have seen some stitchers do it over and over again in a veritable rainbow. What a good excuse to go shopping for ribbons and floss!

I finished my ornament for July. Isn’t it cute?!  I better get the June one done!

And I finally went back to the birth record by Sisters and Best Friends which I finished last year. I wanted to add a star charm on the moon and I finally found the perfect one so here it is all framed.

I love this piece too. It was quick and the colors I found turned out perfect. The dark blue is Auntie Dee and the rainbow silk is Glowing Embers by Caron Waterlilies.

I’ve got a short week this week to finish up a few things before vacation. I’ll check in on Friday with whatever I accomplish!

One thought on “Small Triumphs in Blue

  1. Hello Mary!
    How gorgeous stitching you have! The first project is very pretty!
    Love your Christmas July ornament!

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