Last Bucket List Start of 2021

I looked through all the projects I had put on my 2021 Bucket List and picked one very last one to start this year. It is the Spanish Sampler Etui from Betsy Morgan.

I started stitching it. It is going to be INVOLVED.

The first step is to stitch all the borders of the box using her own stitch, the Celtic Cross. This is an ingenious stitch and very pretty. And time consuming for how small the thing is because basically every stitch is stitched twice. It will be worth it-it is so nice.

I think the project will go rather quickly once the borders are stitched. But there is a lot of border!

The other issue I foresee is that I think this was a class project that somehow I found a kit for. I hope I can understand how to make it without that additional help in the class. Even placing the parts on the linen is pretty vague: “use the color copy to estimate the placement of the pieces.” Ok. I hope I did it right!

I don’t expect to finish this up this year, but I did want to start it.

I have a couple other Bucket List projects to finish as well:

  1. The Bargello Roll. My goal is to complete the Bargello stitching this month and FFO it in 2022.

2. The Just Nan Star of Wonder. I will enjoy working on this and finishing it in December. It will be easy.

3. If I have daytime stitching time I will work on the Butterfly Brooch from Jenny Adin Christie. I feel guilty leaving this one undone this year but it requires a lot of concentration and good light, and is not portable. Those limiting factors make it harder to find time for.

So that’s the plan for the end of the year except for a couple gifts and Smalls. Hopefully I can maintain good progress!

7 thoughts on “Last Bucket List Start of 2021

  1. I love Betsy Morgan’s projects, so am looking forward to seeing your progress. I did say to myself a couple of months ago that I would only stitch BM in 2022, but already I can see that idea going out of the window. I like the stitch you are using for the edges, but the actual photo looks different, as though a 4 sided stitch has been used.

    1. Thank you! Yes I’m confused by that too! It is definitely something like a four sided stitch in the picture. She does say in the instructions that she made changes to the design from the model to the final project. I’ve scoured the web trying to find pictures with the Celtic stitch joining the sides to no avail. But I’ve read everything really well and I think I do understand how it’s constructed with the Celtic stitch so I’ll keep going!

      1. I’m obsessed by this design now and have been searching for the pattern and sadly it isn’t in either of her books. I see someone has posted their finish on the World’s Collection of Smalls II but they used the 4 sided stitch, so that is interesting that the pattern has been amended at some point. Maybe I could buy your chart when you are finished with it please.

  2. Wow! That will be a gorgeous project, Mary! You always choose the most lovely pieces to stitch. Too complicated for this old lady, but I really do love watching you bring these to life 🙂

  3. Great projects, good luck with the intricate stitching. I’m looking forward to seeing your box.

  4. That etui is gorgeous. I’m also intrigued by the Celtic Stitch!
    Love the JN Sampler, I’ve just started Christmas Elegance which is also beautiful.
    Good luck with your goals for the remainder of the year.

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