November Wrap Up

I told you I’d share my Bargello Roll progress this month. It’s not finished but I’m getting so close!

Here it was last Friday:

and after a diligent weekend and followed by getting the oil changed in my car this morning here we are today:

The blue tip represents the bottom most part of the design. Woo hoo! Do you like how my needle minder says “Courage dear hearts?” It helps me be brave to work so much on this!

I keep forgetting, after all the silk is stitched, I have to go back and put the metallic thread in each of the spaces in each diamond shape. I thought it would be easier to manage that all in one go at the end rather than dealing with the metallic intermittently. I hope I’m doing that next week! I am aiming to finish the stitching before Christmas! Won’t this be a glorious FFO in January!

I also managed to do a tiny bit of couching on the Butterfly Brooch. I really need to give this one some concentrated effort. I enjoyed the afternoon I spent on it.

You’ve seen my finishes and starts and the Mill Hill cupcake so that’s rounds out my stitching for the month. I can’t believe it’s the end of the year!

7 thoughts on “November Wrap Up

  1. The bargello roll is looking fabulous, can’t wait to see it totally finished. You really do tackle some complicated projects (the butterfly) – I don’t seem to have the patience for anything like that.

    1. Thank you! Oh my I looked at the finishing directions today for the bargello roll and about fell over. Talk about complicated. I am wondering if I can simplify it to make it look cleaner since I am not a precision seamstress! I would almost rather stitch a second butterfly than do the finishing on this sewing roll!

  2. Oh, this is looking amazing, Mary! I so admire you for working with metallic threads–they are my nemesis and I avoid them whenever possible 🙂 Lovely, lovely work on your butterfly–I can’t even imagine 🙂

    1. Thank you Carol! The goldwork couching does take some doing. If my kids were all in school I would make progress on it! As it is half are home and half are at school as we continue to slog through pandemic safety measures in our household! I have not used the Bijoux thread that I will use on the bargello piece before. I do hope it is easier than Kreinik. It feels softer but the proof will be when I try it out!

  3. Your Bargello is stunning and the metallic will be a perfect touch.
    The butterfly is beautiful too, you did choose some wonderful projects this year.

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