Last start of the year?

I made my excuse be the obligation to do one last thing for “Naughty November” (hosted by Rachel the Ten Hour Stitcher) and started something yesterday-Stacy Nash’s Summer Garden Roll:

This is one short night of stitching on the border that shows the width. I don’t expect this to take as long as my other roll, the Bargello roll!

The roll is the companion piece to the little needle book I made last year:

I had always kept it in my project basket (as opposed to ‘cold storage’ (Ha! Do YOU have a cold storage for projects you’re not planning to do any time soon?) with a plan to “get to it” sooner rather than later. I figured now was as good a time as any. If it’s begun it stands a chance of being finished someday!

So is this the last start of the year? Maybe, if you don’t count that monogram!

5 thoughts on “Last start of the year?

  1. Love the Stacy Nash needle book, perfectly stitched and finished. I have a whole box full of that sort of ribbon, I can help but run my fingers through it from time to time, such delicious colours.

  2. That’s a lovely sewing roll and looks like it will stitch up quite quickly. The needlebook is so pretty.
    I have my “cold storage” in a cupboard and a small chest that dates from the 1990s when I started stitching! I do enjoy getting it out and reminiscing about when those charts were new to me!

    1. Yes, I think collecting charts and projects and dreaming about doing them is about as much fun as actually doing them!

  3. Oh dear, I missed Naughty November! How could I! I just love 5he name and the chance to start so many new projects! Duh! ‍♀️

    Mary I love your sewing roll, it’s such a pretty pattern, but it would take me forever!

    Starting projects is such fun, but I do hate the finishings – they can be complicated!
    I still haven’t completed my Xmas tree from last year. It’s been a strange year for me.

    I will be joining in with Jo’s blog hop too. Hoping to post before that though!

    Barbara x ‍♀️

  4. Lovely start on this one and the companion is just beautiful. I have sort of 2 piles in my craft area. One pile is the ones I’d like to start soon, the others are in the “it can wait” section.

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