2022: Evidently it is the Year of the Sampler

It seems like I was getting antsy at the end of 2021 to start new things and I kind of binged on new starts! Everything I started I thought, “Well, this will be a good project to do next year!” So I really do have my work cut out for me. Getting everything out and (sort of) organized, I see that 2022 will be a year of the sampler. Let’s take a look!

First I have my Naughty November starts (Summer Garden from Stacy Nash, Jane Plenderleath from Needlework Press, ABC Sampler from Jeannette Douglas, and Luz Gonzalez from Samplers Remembered):

And my tiny Christmas Day start on Ann Borrett:

Of course I will continue to work on my started but unfinished projects from 2021, which were all part of the Bucket List (except Bathya, but this is a long term stitch )

The Betsy Morgan Spanish Sampler Etui which has one of six sides finished.

Jenny Adin Christie’s Butterfly Brooch which I must finish up to free up the hoop for my next goldwork project!

Victoria Sampler Anniversary Project which I must finish and frame before my parents’ 50th anniversary in June.

Bathya which I promised to go back to before September so I remember how to do the stitches I learned last year!

The Bargello Roll which I found the perfect color of watered silk to line

And for for the Smalls!

On New Year’s Eve I started this adorable needle book from Shepherds Bush:

And I had a New Year’s Day start from Milady’s Needle:

And Shhh….I secretly started another Small recently.,,

Right there looks like a solid year of work but OOHH! I also have all these in my “ready to stitch” pile…!

What a pretty year ahead of me!

8 thoughts on “2022: Evidently it is the Year of the Sampler

  1. Oh my goodness, so much beauty!! Is the SB Needle book a kit? I would love to buy that, not like I need another pattern but for the “one day” I need a new stitch! Love the drums and the floral heart kit is beautiful. Love them all but I love the smaller stitches for myself.
    ANother gorgeous butterfly in the works!! That is stunning. Looking forward to seeing all your progress.

    1. Yes The SN is a kit! It has only been out a year or two so I bet you can get it easily. It’s called Sheep Needle Case.

  2. What a fabulous selection of samplers for this year! I’m really going to enjoy seeing each of them grow.
    And I spotted the two Just Nan designs in the final photo!

  3. A superb collection for 2022, I’m looking forward to seeing these grow, happy stitching.

  4. Wow! You had so many new starts, Mary… looks like you have a beautiful year of stitching ahead of you! I look forward to watching these grow!

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