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So, usually on vacation I take a bunch of stitching because I am on vacation and will have “all this time.” Then I am lucky to get one stitch in.

This time I was not mentally optimistic, but I still came prepared just in case. And I did get a few nights of stitching done on May for Joyful World. Here it is:

I really like this one nonetheless I am way behind because I have been enjoying working on so many other projects this year! So, I am not minding TOO much taking my time with it. I guess this will be a 2 year project. But I won’t let that idea make me put it all off till next year! I will keep plugging away!

So why isn’t it done? It easily could be! But I also really wanted to start on Plum Street Samplers Fraktur Friends! I’ve been working on it here and there all week and we’re about half done:


This was part of the Silver Needle’s Circle of Friends club which I was lucky enough to get a last minute spot in last year. I just LOVE this design. I think it might be my favorite of all of them. I like the model finish better than the finish with the materials provided so I’ve got to order some chenille trim.

I hope I get this done to count it as my July small…we’ll see. It’s not THAT small compared to the others I’ve done this year!

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