July “Mediums”


My July “Smalls” were more like “Mediums” for me. I did get in a good amount of stitching considering it is summer and my schedule has been…not a schedule.

First, May for Joyful World. The cats are so cute! Again, no plan yet for the grass along the bottom. I am leaving all this ground for each month till last. So for me, it’s done. Should I skip June and July and forge ahead to August to keep up? Hmmm. I love the flamingos in July! Maybe I’ll do them next!

Next, almost finished is the Fraktur Friends Silver Needle piece by Plum Street. This is so fun. I put in some special touches, the eyelets for the brown and gold flowers and the satin stitching on the wings. The effect on the wings was not what I planned but I still like it. It looks like shingles and while I would be happier with a more defined checkerboard shape, overall I do like the look so I’m leaving it as is. You can see I have a few little sections to finish up:

I was going to make a pin pillow like the model shows and did even buy the chenille. But this would be kind of a big pin pillow. I think it is better framed, so that’s my plan. Then, in the future, someday, I will do it again but tiny, when I have learned to stitch itsy bitsy on 52/60 ct and then I will make the world’s cutest birdies pillow!


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  1. Love your May cats! 🙂
    Fraktur Friends looks beautiful! It will be very pretty on a frame! Are you stitching this on 32 count?

    Happy stitching!

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