February 2022 FFOs

I’m linking up with Rachel the Ten Hour Stitcher to persevere in my finishing this month!

First, I made the Milady’s Needle stitch into a pin cushion.

It was impossible to find a matching trim color. What I wanted was a dark green chenille but no one seems to make or carry the correct shade. I did not want to make a twisted cord for this one! So I gave up and used some Pom Pom I had but it is a bit too light. Well it’s ok. And my other pin cushion for Milady’s Needle has Pom Pom so they can be Pom-y pin cushions together.

Then I was able to finish my pinball ornament, Christmas Cactus, from the JCS 2014 ornament issue.

Last time I explained a little how I made this lightweight pinball. I found a foam sphere at the craft store that was about the right shape. I cut off the sides of the ball, discarding the middle “disc” to account for the fabric which would be folded around the back of each hemisphere and to make the face of the surface match the dimensions of the stitching better. I padded the foam with one piece of cotton batting (warm and natural brand). To do that I cut a matching circle, pressed it over the foam shape, then trimmed off the ripples that popped up on the edges. Gosh I wish I took pictures! I must do this again! Then I laced the stitching and the velvet onto each form, and finally stitched the 2 halves together.

I made my own covered cord from the same velvet I used to back it. I used hot glue to apply the trim (horrors!) but didn’t think stitching would be as good in this instance. Then I used this tutorial to make a loopy bow hanger. My first bow was almost as big as the ornament so I made a second one smaller and with less loops. I didn’t want the bow to overpower the ornament! I’m pretty pleased with making my vision come to reality!

For my final finish, I framed Vintage Blooms from BBD which I stitched last year. The frame is just a cheap one from Hobby Lobby. It was very hard to find a good 3×5 frame! This one works so I just when with it. Maybe I’ll find something I like better some day. Since it’s a standard size it would be easy to redo. But I love the stitch and the over all look, so I’m happy to get it out and on display like this even if I don’t love the frame so much.

And there you have it! That’s some good finishing for the month! Next month though I’ll have a heart so you’ll probably just get the one!! Ha ha!

10 thoughts on “February 2022 FFOs

  1. I love your pom pom finishes, the colour looks great. What a great finish using the sphere and perfect frame, lovely FFOs.

  2. I love pom-pom trim. I have a hard time finding any small pom-pom trim. I think the green is a good complement to the stitching. I love your ball finishing and the gold frame is perfect for your BBD. It doesn’t look inexpensive. It looks elegant.

  3. Such pretty finishes, Mary, and I enjoyed reading your explanation on your ball ornament finish. You are so creative! Great job on the bow, too–something I have yet to master. Hope you enjoy this last half of February ♥

    1. Thank you! Bows can be so tricky. I am always watching videos to get them right because I can never do it without help! My mom worked as the “wrapper” at a jewelry and gift shop and can make gorgeous bows, but I didn’t get the knack from her! Or maybe it’s because I was never a “wrapper!”

  4. Thanks for linking up with February’s FFO SAL. Your finishes are lovely. I expect the bow was a bit fiddly but it looks fantastic. And your frame is perfect; sometimes little designs can look good in chunky frames and I think this one does! 🙂

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