Another Month, a New Batch of Starts

I finished Fraktur Friends! I love it!

 (Where is my picture??)

To celebrate, I kitted up all the things I hope to work on (and complete) in the next  month. And then I started them all.

First, the 2001 Prairie Schooler Santa. 2001 is important for me because it is my anniversary year. I like that the Santa for this year has a Partridge in a Pear Tree which is one of my favorite Christmas motifs.


Next, I started the first of the five Victoria Samplers Biscornuments. I have MANY charts for biscornus and I have never made one. I love the shape. For some reason I find it a bit intimidating. And I am not sure I want to stitch the same design twice for both sides. The Biscornuments are  small. Each is only about 2.5 inches across. And you only stitch one side. Seems like a good way to begin my foray into this kind of project. Plus, the design is beautiful, quick to stitch, interesting mix of specialty stitches, and includes the most lovely ingredients, silk and Kreinik.These are going really quickly-I’ve already got the first face stitched up of the 2 I plan to make right away.


I have been collecting up the out of print Crossed Wing Collection Silken Wings kits. They are stitched on 40 ct silk gauze, one strand of silk over one with tent stitch. I have never done this kind of project before but I put one in my “do” pile this year back in January and I’m going for it! I am starting on the smallest one I have, the cardinal.

Boy. I have been blessed with quite good eyes, I think, but this requires magnification. I cannot even see if I make a mistake, and I did make one, going over 2 threads instead of 1 on one stitch, which was an act and a half to trim out and redo. You probably can hardly tell what this is from the piddly amount done so far-even though the tent stitch goes fast! But it does promise to be awfully cute. I am not interested in mounting this in a box or brooch like most are shown, so maybe a tiny frame? a Christmas ornament? What do you do with this kind of thing?

I will feel so productive if I get these done this month, and I think there’s a chance!

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