A baseball weekend

Baseball season is in full swing (ha ha) here and soon I’ll have 4 kids on 4 teams. This weekend it was *only* 3 on 3 and I got to do the honors of taking the #1 son to his travel games. That meant lots of stitching time!!

I made great progress on Heirloom Anniversary! The boys have to be to the field an hour early to warm up so I worked on it in the car while they did that. I would not take all that white stuff out to the dirty ball field!! If I dropped it it would never be the same!!

I took Stacy Nash’s Summer Garden out to the field. It is quite a good one to work on during boring moments or between innings. There is a lot of border, I worked the top border and the basket.

I feel like it was a productive stitching weekend however no laundry, dishes, cleaning or anything else was done at all. I have half finished house projects all over the place. I will pay for that this week!!!

6 thoughts on “A baseball weekend

  1. You did get a lot done! My older son is not sporty at all but my younger one loves the trampoline. Hubby takes him to the gym twice a week but couldn’t do it last week. I took some frogging that needed doing!

    1. Watching kids do their activities is such a good time for “mindless” stitching or other hand work! It’s the best way to get those borders cranked out!!!

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