Birthday Stitching and the End of Month Report

Ahhh the end of March! That means my birthday (which was Monday) and time for a round up of the month’s stitching. How is it where you are? Have you had a good stitching month? I have! Especially on Monday which I “took off” from my normal mom responsibilities to stitch all day. It was an overcast day, and even rained a bit at the end of the afternoon and there was a spectacular rainbow in the evening. It made a perfect arc over while sky with a portion doubled. Here is the end of it as it was fading over my neighborhood:

Onto the stitching! On my birthday, I pulled out my Spanish lady and spent some good time with Luz Gonzalez. Here are close ups of what I did.

The last 2 weeks I worked a bit on Betsy Morgan’s Spanish Etui (I’ve almost finished the second side! I think it is so lovely!)

Earlier this month I was able to get the next set of letters done on The Drawn Thread Sampler of Stitches. This means I have completed 2 of the 9 charts for this project. I’m torn between going back up to the top to do DEF or continuing on the vertical band to do STU. S has a squirrel! But the D is very fancy.

I’ve added some letters the ABC sampler since I last showed it and here’s where it stands.

I am thinking I should go ahead and do all the letters to be sure I’m happy with the colors. You can see I changed the O and I like it much better. After switching some other things around it’s feeling better to me. I am focusing on the main colors in “Egyptian Nights” (dark blue, cranberry, with taupe/beige) and adding a gold to pop and contrast, plus dull greens, light rose, and aqua. I hope it will work out.

I worked on Miss Mousie and she’s almost done – maybe one more session.

I figured out an order of work for the Hardanger in Heirloom Anniversary. It does involve back tracking but I’ve got a rhythm so I’m feeling more peaceful about it now. In effort to get this post up sooner, I will show you later. 🙂

Continuing in April, finishing Heirloom Anniversary is my top priority! Then I will get back to other stitching, and I have a plan for something new as well!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Stitching and the End of Month Report

  1. I can definitely see a theme here, you really like bold colours. I don’t think it has been so apparent before, but showing all these WIPs it’s so obvious. Lovely work as always.

    1. Thank you! I think that is a fair assessment! I do enjoy the freshness of white designs (there is a stitcher on social media who is adept at converting just about any chart to white and pastel shades and I love it!) I looking around I don’t see a ton of pastel or neutral in my stitching. Maybe that makes up for my house which is all done in neutral desert colors (beige! tan!). I need to bring in the color!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! I’d love to spend an entire day stitching but I do get the odd afternoon where I have 3-4 hours which is good enough.
    I love the colours you’ve chosen for your Alphabet projects. The O looks much better now!

  3. Wishing you a Happy Birthday, Mary (just a bit late–I was in Florida and am way behind on my blog reading/commenting!). It sounds like a perfect day to me–just casting everything aside and stitching, stitching, stitching. Love watching your projects grow!

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