April 2022 FFOs

Thank you Rachel for hosting the FFO Gallery! I am just sneaking in under the wire. I feel like I have just been so darn busy lately I still have not had time to really get into my stitching properly in a while! I don’t know what’s going on but I haven’t had any night stitching sessions in several weeks. That is when I am usually the most productive. Boo hoo! Nevertheless, I have 2 nice little fully finished objects this month!

First up is the Sheep Needle Case from Shepherd’s Bush. It came out pretty cute.

(I trimmed the felt piece so the bird could peek out. The felt should be sewn in as a page in a book but I really wanted to be able to see the pattern on the fabric so I had to do it this way. I am thinking if I should add something on the other side to tie on a pair of mini scissors or something. It’s pretty but not quite balanced, you know.)

Next is Holly Go Brightly Mouse from Just Nan.

Both were as fiddly as you would expect but ultimately gave a good result.

At Target last month they were selling these little display houses in the “gotcha” section at the front of the store. You know where they put cheap but enticing items that you don’t need at all? Well, I did need a display solution for the mice I will be making so I got two, 1 to decorate for my gingerbread/Christmas mice, and 1 for my everyday mice. Looks like I better get going on some more mice to fill it up!

Hey, if you also like the Just Nan mice, have you see the new series of Mouse in a Tin? The first one is a peacock mouse. I must get it!

8 thoughts on “April 2022 FFOs

  1. What a lovely idea with the needle book and the little sheep fits perfectly.
    The little mouse is so cute too, I’ve never seen it before. Great idea.
    Happy Stitching, Martina

  2. Your needlecase is gorgeous, Mary! Tricky to add scissor storage without hiding he beautiful fabric.
    Love the mice ….. and how lucky was that, finding those display boxes!
    Can’t wait to see the peacock mouse!
    Barbara xx

  3. I love your Needlebook, especially the chenille trim. I must try use that on something.
    The mouse house is adorable, a bit more fancy than mine! But they are a great way to display the mice.

    1. I love chenille trim. It is quite easy to sew it on invisibly which I like. The cording that holds the fluff can be pierced with a thin needle so it holds very well. And I think it is an effective finish on lots of little things. That’s right I remember now you also have a mouse house! You painted yours right?

  4. A super post, your needlecase is beautiful, great idea for the felt. I love your mice, they are so cute and your house find just perfect for them.

  5. Love the needlecase! And what a great idea to display the mice! I must see if I can get one of those cute little houses!

  6. Thank you for participating in April’s FFG SAL; I like the way you cut the deadline so fine!
    Your needle case is cute, but your mouse is adorable, and those little houses are perfect. Are you going to decorate each room to match each mouse? 🙂

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