First, finishes

I know I’d said I would concentrate on Heirloom Anniversary, but being so close to finishes on 2 items I just had to spend the first days of the month getting them done.

Here is Holly Go Brightly Mouse from Just Nan:

She was really just an hour away from being done! And she will be easy to FFO this week.

And here is the finished 2nd side of the Spanish Etui:

The edge stitching (called Celtic Cross) is time consuming but so pretty. I can’t wait to move along to the next side later this month. Each side is so different. This project has a lot of pieces: 6 sides for the outside of the box, and 2 inside panels as well as the inside of the lid. I think it will take all year at the rate I’m going! That’s ok, I love stitching with the colors on it. My downfall is that pokey Celtic Cross! I just need to keep plugging away on it!

4 thoughts on “First, finishes

  1. I practiced the Celtic Knot when I thought I would stitch this, and it’s a lovely stitch when finished, just a bit awkward to do, especially when you work in a hoop. Your border looks gorgeous.

  2. Your little mouse is adorable, they are such fun designs to stitch. Have you seen the new Peacock Mouse on a Tin?
    The Celtic Cross stitch looks fabulous too. Worth the time spent on it.

  3. As always, Mary, your stitching is absolutely lovely! Your specialty stitches are always perfect looking to me! Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter ♥

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