Heirloom Anniversary…not quite

My goal for April was to finish the Heirloom Anniversary from The Victoria Sampler. I even was bold enough to think it would be done by Easter. Ugh. I did not make it. I have to admit it took me a LONG time to find a rhythm with the Hardanger. I worry it could be a lot better, and am grateful it is not worse. I wish I had done a lot more Hardanger as practice so it would be perfect on such a special and important project. It still rings in my head, the one little negative comment a person on social media made on my Heirloom Christmas: “you need a lot more practice to get your tension correct!”Good grief, that was my first Hardanger project and I was just happy to have been brave enough to try it. But she was right, this is a difficult type of embroidery and you do need a lot of practice for it to be perfect! Ah well, one more step along the road to accomplishment and I know my parents will love it.

I still need to finish the flowers at the base of the heart. Then it is done. I am looking forward to my trip to the Attic at the end of this week, hopefully, to drop it off to be framed, and to pick up a little reward for myself 🙂

Please know that with my critical remarks above, I am not fishing for compliments or looking for anyone to rebuke me saying how great it is! I did this whole thing under magnification and I know just what it looks like! And i do think it is very beautiful how it came out…I just also know it’s not perfect! And I also enjoy making something beautiful however much it might lack in perfection. I’m sure there is a good quote about that! I thank you for all your support and kind comments!!!!

6 thoughts on “Heirloom Anniversary…not quite

  1. I think it looks amazing. It is very rude of people to be critical of your work. Sometimes if I see something on a blog post that I think could be better, or if it might be improved if they only used one strand of thread instead of two, I keep my big mouth shut. People don’t want to know my opinion, otherwise they would ask. Look forward to seeing the end result.

    1. Thank you! And Exactly right! Unless some is asking how to improve their work or how to do something, it is always more tactful to reserve your opinion!

  2. Your parents are going to love it, it is truly a labor of love and it is stunning!!! I don’t know if I shared this with you but I have a hardanger tablecloth my husband’s grandmother made and my MIL offered it to each of my 4 SIL”S as they married into the family. Not ONE of them wanted it!!! I was overjoyed to get it and even though I never met Joe’s grandmother I will always treasure this and I hope that one of my neices will love it as much as I do.

    There is nothing more special to me than a handmade gift and something that takes this time and talent is so meaningful and precious.

    1. Thank you Mary! What a special heirloom. I have a few items from my grandmas and they are treasures for sure.

  3. Honestly, Mary, this is stunning looking in my eyes. I have never done hardanger (or been brave enough to try!), but I would be happy if mine looked even half as wonderful as yours! This will be such a special and loving gift. Best of luck with the last little bit of it!

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