Heirloom Anniversary is DONE! And now I can enjoy a WIP MAYnia!

I got really bogged down in the Heirloom Anniversary the past few months. I think “obligation stitching” will do that. If you know you are “supposed” to be stitching something, it can become something of a chore! But a happy chore nonetheless! And here it is, my Heirloom Anniversary Square!

If I do say so myself, that is some good stitching! I am really pleased especially with the floral heart.

I was scared of those bullion roses. I have not made them before and was worried how much I’d have to learn and how long they would take. Well, I watched a few tutorials and then I sewed 2 practice ones on a scrap and that was good preparation. After getting started on the real deal, I really enjoyed them! I used a big milliners needle which was very difficult to thread, but very good for making the stitch. It took almost 1 hour to make 3 though! The rest went much quicker and I really liked making them. Here they are in all their glory before they got subsumed into the ribbon flowers.

The ribbon daisies and the beads were a breeze and I am going to the Attic today to see about framing. Sandy, the framer there, does a beautiful job. I will have her put a soft colored silk behind the Hardanger which will look very pretty. I hope the Attic has the silk floss I need to add to one of my projects. Maybe I will get something else too.

So what is next? I feel great relief having this project done and can’t wait to be working on ALL my other projects! I’m not doing MAYnia starts, but I think for the rest of the month I will enjoy a MAYnia of WIPS! How about 3-4 days on each of these? And see if I can get some noticeable progress made on each of them? Here are my starting points, and after a few good sessions with each I’ll update you on my progress regularly through this month.

Drawn Thread’s Sampler of Stitches

Luz Gonzalez by Samplers Remembered

Betsy Morgan’s Spanish Etui

Stacy Nash’s Summer Garden Roll

Jeannette Douglas’ Alphabet Sampler

My May Ornament/Small (not sure if that will be 2 projects or 1 depending how fast I stitch.) To be announced…

I often make plans only to not follow them. Is that ok? Does it say something about my level of commitment or the kind of person I am? Maybe. But I am fairly good about committing to the biggies in life like my faith and family, so if the smallies slide maybe it’s ok!

13 thoughts on “Heirloom Anniversary is DONE! And now I can enjoy a WIP MAYnia!

  1. Oh Mary, that is just glorious!
    I do not always follow stitching plans either. I worry more about the big commitments like you! 😉

  2. It’s absolutely gorgeous, your parents are going to treasure it for ever. Well done on tackling such a complicated project.

  3. Beautiful, just beautiful. Your should be super proud of your work, it’s stunning. Good luck with your projects, plans are just ideas which can change and develop, just go with the flow and enjoy your stitching

  4. That was a lot of stitching! Well done!
    I really enjoy reading how you worked on your stitches, encouraging to know I’m not the only one who takes an hour on three stitches – albeit my stitches are usually cross stitches!
    Such a beautiful gift for your parents!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I hope no one thinks I have any superpowers. Those bullion roses took FOREVER! But nothing compared to the dove’s eyes! I just use every ounce of time and patience I have to try to follow instructions! Ha ha!

  5. This is such an amazing gift!!! It is stunning and the floral heart is icing on the cake!!! Just amazing, I’m sure you are happy to be finished to move on but what a Joy for your parents to receive such a gift!

  6. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for this gorgeous Anniversary Needleart. I think your hardanger turned out veyr well, especially the wrapped bars which look so neat and even. Those bullion roses look amazing as does the ribbonwork around them.
    You really are spoiled for choice for the rest of the month. I like the idea of a buffet of stitching, lots of little nibbles to see what appeals the most.
    I mentioned last time that I was unaware you replied on the blog not via email but I can’t see any way to be notified of follow-up comments? Most blogs have a little tick-box.
    So if you do reply, ping me an email and I’ll see it!

  7. That floral heart is stunning! Good luck with the framing!
    With love from Sweden,

  8. Mary, We just celebrated our 50th Anniversary. I’m certain your parents will treasure your Heirloom Anniversary Square! It’s stunning! I’d love to make one for myself but am not nearly as skilled. You did a remarkable job. Congratulations!! Anita

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