WIP MAYnia#2! The Spanish Sampler Etui!

This week I focused on the next side of the Spanish Sampler Etui by Betsy Morgan. This is another one of those “little bit at a time” projects. I started here, with 2 sides done and a tiny start on the border on the 3rd side:

I’m pleased to have finished the 3rd side and base. I have not decided about putting a monogram on the bottom. I plan to do that if I can find one I like. Betsy Morgan used a huge fancy monogram on hers. I have started to look for one but will probably end up designing it myself. The colors in this project are so bright and pretty. It is a real joy. I am sad to put it away but the WIP MAYnia must go on. I have promised myself to get it out and (maybe) finish it in June.

What’s next? Well…there is a baseball tournament this weekend. Can you guess what I’ll be stitching??? Hmmmm…

(If you guessed Stacy Nash’s Summer Garden Roll, you’re correct!)

2 thoughts on “WIP MAYnia#2! The Spanish Sampler Etui!

  1. What a beautiful design! I can imagine this must have been a delight to stitch, Mary. I hope you can find a monogram you like, but I have no doubt that you’ll design the perfect one if you don’t 🙂

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