WIP MAYnia #4! A start on my smalls!

After a lot of fun progress with the last couple WIPs, I really did need to make up a small for this month. I really felt that Miss Holly Go Brightly mouse needed a friend right away, and here she is, the Sugar Plum Fairy mouse. She just needs some finishing touches, finishing the white smrynas and adding the bling.

I also starts the fronts of some of the Victoria Sampler Biscornuments. It’s been quite a while, but I have already made 3 in this set. I gave 2 of those to my mom when she admired them (lucky mom!) but I would like a complete set for myself and I’ve been meaning to get them going for ages. The time has arrived! The gift and the flowers ones I made once before, and the tree one is new.

All of these will be easy to finish up for the FFO gallery next month. I will make it up to you not having participated in the gallery this month!

7 thoughts on “WIP MAYnia #4! A start on my smalls!

  1. Lovely stitching, I love the mice, one day I might make them myself. I like a biscornu but not seen a biscornument so I’ll have to check out Vicforia Sampler

    1. The biscornuments are tiny biscornus! They are very precious looking. And pretty quick to make up. You should make a mouse. The mice are darling. And there is one for every body’s taste now!

  2. I’ve always been fascinated by those little Just Nan mice, Mary! Can’t wait to see yours all finished up. I’ve never heard of a biscornument, but I assume it is a biscornu ornament? Very pretty! You always have such a lovely variety of stitching in the works. Hope you and your family have a great Memorial Day weekend ♥

    1. Yes! A Biscornu Ornament! It is just a tiny biscornu. Or in this case, I hope to make all 4 for June! You have a great weekend too!

  3. She certainly doesn’t look like a mouse at this stage. Looking forward to seeing those biscornuments.

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