May 2022 Smalls Check In!

Ahhh…It’s already time to check in with our May Small Stitches! I feel like this month has just FLOWN by. My goodness. Can it already be summer? My kids are done with school today and now get 2 months to goof off. My stitching productivity will probably plummet since I won’t be sitting in the school pick up line…but I will replace that with poolside stitching! Do you want to hear about the practicalities of my life? Of course not! You want to know about my stitching!

Well, I finished the Sugar Plum Fairy Mouse stitching. I will save the FFO for June 10!

I also finished a couple of the Victoria Sampler biscornument pieces.

I should explain that a biscornument is a tiny biscornu ornament. You probably figured that out. Anyway, here is one…

And I will work hard to finish the series in June for the FFO check in. I decided it would be nice to have the whole series done and put away this project for good.

What have you been doing? Please share below!

(Also, if you check in and my photos aren’t there, come back in 24 hours. My post is going up before the pictures are added this time due to an anticipated busy day!)

4 thoughts on “May 2022 Smalls Check In!

  1. I love the biscornument. I like making biscornu, so I am putting biscornuments on my ‘must try’ list.

  2. I love this idea for a mini biscornu, it’s definitely on my wish list. Thank you for hosting another Smalls check in

  3. Such pretty tiny stitching, Mary! Love the idea of a teeny biscornu and the name biscornument is perfect 🙂 Enjoy your last bit of May ♥

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