Done and done!


I finished the Prairie Schooler 2001 Santa! Yay! This one is a gift and so I will definitely be making it over again for myself. Not this year though!

I finished Santa a week or so ago and today I finished Spring Arose by Blackbird Designs. This turned out to be really enjoyable and I love the color palette. I have to track down the right size box at Hobby Lobby and I will finish it as suggested.

I’ve also been working on August for Joyful World:

It is my car project this week. The border and straight lines is easy to do while I’m waiting. I like the border style but I am becoming “bored” of it.

Because the flowers are all lazy daisies those will be my special stitches in this block, and I’m doing the ground as charted. This one will be completely done when it is finished this month.

My SALs for this month will be done on time!

As a reward I have been kitting up a bunch of things I DON’T have time for. Maybe they will be my projects for next year!

And I got this…

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  1. Your Santa is beautiful!
    Congrats for the BBD finish, a very pretty piece!
    Waiting for see your progress on LizzieKate mystery! 🙂

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