Helloooooo June! A May Recap and a Plan

Whew! My May stitching was so fun. I enjoyed my own little WIP Maynia. I made a lot of progress on a lot of projects! Now I need a plan for June.

I will focus on finishing 2 projects for sure: The Stacy Nash Summer Garden Roll (hopefully this weekend!) Here’s my progress the past 2 days. I feel sure, unless God forbid there is an emergency, it will be done by Monday:

And the La D Da Blue Flower Pindrum, for my small:

I am definitely going to continue with my 2 alphabet samplers, doing my monthly work on them, the Drawn Thread Sampler of Stitches and the ABC Sampler from Jeannette Douglas:

(I fixed the U. It is dark purple now. I like it. I committed to finishing this year…I was bold enough to add the date!)

I’m also planning to finish the last side panel of the Spanish Sampler Etui:

I promised I would work on the Joyful World Border. That is easy stitching that can be done poolside!

I’m trying to sort out if I want to make more ornaments this month or next, and which ones. They’re not a super high priority for be this month, but I did look through some things trying to get an idea. Hmm…

Hopefully I’ll also squeak in those FFOs I promised. I have a week, right? I’d better get to work!

One thought on “Helloooooo June! A May Recap and a Plan

  1. You’ve got some gorgeous projects on the go! I love the Stacy Nash design and the colours in the Etui. But then there are the alphabets and the gorgeous months sampler!

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