WIP MAYnia #6! The final one!

My final WIP for this May was the ABC Sampler by Jeannette Douglas. I started here…

And just did one night stitching. I was quick and got 4 new letters done. B, D, K, and Y.

I am more happy and confident with my colors. I still need to change the black U for purple. I think I’ll work on this again tomorrow and maybe the next day. I’m quite fond of stitching the different styles of letters. But I also am making a plan of attack for June so stay tuned for all that excitement!

3 thoughts on “WIP MAYnia #6! The final one!

  1. Your Jeannette Douglas sampler is looking lovely, Mary! I find stitching letters to be quite enjoyable and I bet using all those different colors is quite a treat. Hope your summer is starting off well ♥

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