Now I’ve Sewn My ABCs

This was a little goal I had in my head for this month…to finish the alphabet part of Jeannette Douglas’s ABC Sampler. I figured if I could get my colors sorted for the ABCs, the little band and spot motifs on the bottom at least would have colors I could choose from, and there would be fewer decisions to make! Plus, I love stitching letters. So I got on a roll this week and…

Now I’ve sewn my ABCs!

I love how the colors turned out. It is very Me. My kids are always asking me my favorite colors and I usually say… All of them! But to be honest, I feel you can’t go wrong with cranberry and lavender, accented with gold and blue. I guess that’s how I’ve ended up with this! I’ll be moving along to the Sampler of Stitches this weekend. Yay! Always having something nice to stitch is a very great blessing!

2 thoughts on “Now I’ve Sewn My ABCs

  1. Oh, your alphabet looks so elegant in those colors, Mary! I think it’s nice that you have so many favorites. I’m hooked on blue, but there are so many shades of blue in the world that I never get tired of it 🙂 Enjoy stitching the bottom motifs and borders of this beauty ♥

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