June 2022 FFO Gallery

It was like pulling teeth but I managed to get my little FFOs done this month! As always I’m linking up with Rachel to share my work, and to thank her for the much-needed kick in the pants I once again needed to get anything fully finished!

Here is my sweet little Sugar Plum Fairy Mouse! I left the pom pom trim off the bottom…I’d like my mice to all have matching finishes and the pom poms just seemed a bit much.

Here she is meeting her BFF, Holly Go Brightly.

They are a cute little pair! In theory, I will make 2 or 3 more of these Christmas/Gingerbread mice. I’d like to have 5, one for each child. I have charts for 2 more I think. But anyway I’m not making anymore this year!

I also finished up the Victoria Sampler Biscornuments. Oh, I love these. They are just charming.

The present and tree ornaments are new, and the heart one I made a long time ago. I have 2 more left to do in this series.

These were supposed to be my May ornaments for Carol’s 12 in 22 Ornaments SAL on Instagram and the May submission for the Christmas Ornies blog (May’s theme was Tree or Presents for the Nutcracker category. (Check out the blog if you have no idea what I’m talking about and you care to know!) Well, I’m always late on these things! At least I make an effort! Anyway, since I made 2, I’ll count them for May and June because I’m just not going to get to another ornament this month!

2 thoughts on “June 2022 FFO Gallery

  1. Oh, your newest mouse is adorable, Mary! I bet your kids love it, too. Hope the two mice don’t cause too much mischief around your house. Love your ornaments, too–very elegant looking. Happy almost summer! ♥

  2. I adore the little Christmas Mice. Someone posted one in the FB group today, the Crystal SnowLady Mouse and it’s so stinking cute I was tempted LOL

    The biscornuments are lovely too.

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