A House for Jane Amid Lots of Vacation Pictures

I’ve been on a trip the past couple weeks to visit my family in Indiana. We did some camping (at a campground aptly named Raccoon Lake)

The raccoons were BOLD. We almost had chocolate-free s’mores thanks to this one but thanks to my sister-in-law’s quick reaction she saved our Hershey’s from being coon chow!

We enjoyed some more lake days at a resort for my parents’ anniversary (they loved their present)

The pretty swans on Lake Wawasee!

And we enjoyed some of the other special things in the area…

Adorable baby goat at Conner Prairie, an open air living history museum near my parents’ house.

Of course we also celebrated the Fourth of July.

My father in law (seated) enjoys putting on a good fireworks show in his backyard.

In Arizona it’s too hot to enjoy parades and outdoor things very much for the holiday but in Indiana we had pretty perfect weather this year.

In my little downtime, I went back to one of my November starts and worked on Jane Plenderleath. I have built most of her house. I forgot to bring one of the threads but made it an excuse to stop at Stitch N Frame and support the local economy!

I brought four projects but only stitched on this one which is pretty typical for a vacation I guess! I’m looking forward to stitching more now that we’re home. It’s always good to be on vacation and even better to be home afterwards!

I will leave you with one last collage of some of the more unique photos of our trip…

A cicada hatching…I have never seen this in action before! fascinating! And he was so bright!

A zucchini grown by my dad which grew all wrapped around its vine. We dressed it in as a sea serpent…as one does with unusually shaped veggies.

And one of the several four leaf clovers I found on the trip. I admit I have a good eye for them and have been collecting four leaf clovers since I was a little girl. I have an album with over one hundred! My middle daughter has inherited the talent and found more than me on our trip. Probably a dozen! We’re so lucky!

8 thoughts on “A House for Jane Amid Lots of Vacation Pictures

  1. Looks like a lovely break. The raccoon is so cheeky!
    Great work on your house and I love the sea-serpent because who doesn’t need a vegetable sea-serpent in their lives?

  2. Looks like a fun and relaxing family getaway, Mary! It’s always nice to head to cooler places in the summer and that lake looks so lovely. I can imagine how thrilled your parents were with their special gift–so many hours and so much love went into making it, I’m sure.

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