More Jane and What I Should Be Doing

Since being back from Indiana, I have just kept working on Jane Plenderleath. As I’ve been stitching, it seems to me that it is a larger project than I expected. I guess I’ve completed 1/4 of it but it seems like I should be further along. The house was big.

Perhaps the letters and floral bands will go quicker? I’m enjoying stitching on the 36 ct Weeks Straw (it’s just a nice cozy color) with one strand of Weeks floss. The overall look is a little primitive but the design is nice and even. The red and green make me think it is a bit Christmas-y too.

It took looking through my stitching basket to get mentally on track with my other projects. I decided this week I’ll pick up the Spanish Sampler Etui to finish the side I was working on last month and maybe do the inner panels, and aim for a page finish on the Drawn Thread Sampler of Stitches which…oops…I should have stitched in this weekend. Oh well! I’ll get it caught up!

3 thoughts on “More Jane and What I Should Be Doing

  1. Jane is looking great, Mary! I always find houses take a long, long time and letters go quickly. So glad you had a safe trip home–I’m sure you brought lots of wonderful family memories with you 🙂

  2. Jane is growing really well. I don’t think I have stitched on anything higher than 32ct, it looks lovely

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