July 2022 Smalls SAL Check In

For my Small this month, I used Jo’s People’s Choice-Pets Edition, as my inspiration to finish the stitching on a Chessie and Me project I started last year. I think it is called “Beneath the Bough.” This was supposed to be a fob.

I decided it was way too big and I’d make a needlebook instead with the same picture, but a different cat, on the other side. The gray cat I’ll call Minou, my childhood gray tabby,

And the orange cat of course is Kiwi.

I’ll try to get this finished up according to the vision I see for it for next month’s FFO gallery.

I hope you’ve been able to get some smalls stitching in this month! Thanks for joining in!

4 thoughts on “July 2022 Smalls SAL Check In

  1. I love your cats, thanks you for hosting another month of Smalls, sorry for being a day late!

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