Sampler of Stitches DEF. Jane Plenderleath

I finished the 4th section of The Drawn Thread’s Sampler of Stitches DEF. It is nice to get something done.

I think this one took me longer because on several stitches I redid them in different colors after they were already stitched. Also for some reason I made a lot of mistakes that had to be redone. Hopefully the frog is gone for a little while and the next section is faster.

This is actually the 2nd chart in the series, but I am not working it in order, so this is the 4th of the 9 charts I have made so far.

Some of the stitch samples are REALLY enjoyable. My favorite was “Eastern Stitch.” This one was fun to do, and is so pretty.

E is for Eastern Stitch

I haven’t decided if I will take the horizontal or vertical chart next, GHI, or MNO. You can be surprised next month!

I also spent some minutes with Jane. I finished the other side of her yard and more letters. I need to do the trees. And I guess I really need to catch up that border so I can really get into the bands!

This weekend my plan is to finish the last side of the Spanish Sampler Etui. Only a little left to do! If I’m productive, I’ll work on the inner pockets or lid. 

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