Spanish Sampler Etui Lid


The lid was fun. It only took me until doing the lid to figure out the color scheme of this project with some accuracy! I’ve mostly been relying on the color copy of the project for color placement but not all my colors are positioned correctly. That’s ok. It still looks good!

You do not stitch the central eyelet until you have backed the stitching with interfacing.

I’ll do the inside pockets in August.

Now what do you think? Should I cut it out and assemble the box, and do (hopefully, maybe) the smalls at some point in the future? Or should I leave the fabric intact in order to more easily stitch the smalls? There are 3: a fob (meh), a needlebook (very pretty), and a pin cushion which is a mini cube (fiddly!). I’m torn. I’m afraid if I assemble the box I will be satisfied with this project and never make the smalls. But if I move on to stitch the smalls, I doubt I will assemble the box this year. The whole project could get moved to the back burner. I know myself you see. So maybe I’ll take your votes and do what you all say, friends! Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Spanish Sampler Etui Lid

  1. Hi Mary, I would assemble the box if I were you and make the needlebook in the near future which is the piece that you seem to like the most. The box is complete on it’s own without anything inside, and you can always display the needlebook separately anyway, once that is done.

  2. Beautiful stitching, I agree with Sandra, you would have a super finished item and can stitch the other parts later.

  3. I vote for making the box now! So we can see how beautiful it is all put together. Maybe try do one small per month afterwards so it is all done by the end of the year?

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